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Many people are experiencing long delays renewing their passports. The Home Office recommends that people allow up to 10 weeks when applying for a British passport but sometimes it can take even longer. Therefore, it is important you apply as early as possible. 

  • If you are in urgent need, for example you applied more than 10 weeks ago but have not received your passport and are due to travel in the next fortnight, Helen and her team may be able to help.  
  • However, if you applied less than 10 weeks before your travel date, and there are no special circumstances, then it is unlikely any MP will be able to intervene on your behalf. 

Our advice when applying for a passport: 

  • Apply as early as possible. The Home Office recommends 10 weeks, however sometimes it can take even longer (it can also be far shorter, there is no guarantee) 
  • Don’t rely on the fast-track service – there are often no appointments available 
  • Use a high-quality photo 
  • Apply online where possible 
  • Triple check the details you have provided on your application are correct. Mistakes regularly lead to further delays 
  • Use recorded delivery to send any documents where possible 
  • Do not book travel until you receive your new passport 
  • Check the entry requirements for the country where you are travelling – you might need a passport with six months of validity left to enter. 

What are the problems with passport renewals? 

  • Home Office ministers have blamed the situation on people delaying their passport applications due to Covid-19 and the higher number of current applications as a result. 
  • However, the high number of applications has been predicted for some time and it’s clear that the Home Office failed to adequately prepare for the spike in applications and has failed to respond to the demand effectively. 
  • It is extremely difficult (for MPs as well as members of the public) to get through to the Passport Office via phone or email.
  • Some passports are renewed quickly, some take months. There often appears to be little logic behind which renewals are dealt with faster.  

When can I ask for my renewal to be escalated? 

  • If it is more than 10 weeks since you applied for a passport and you are due to travel within two weeks, you can ‘upgrade’ your renewal by contacting the Passport Office. 

When can I contact Helen about my passport? 

There are only limited means available to MPs to intervene with passport applications, however Helen is keen to help constituents wherever possible and will do her best to assist. 

Due to the volume of constituents contacting Helen, she is only able to help with the most urgent passport applications.   

Helen can advocate on your behalf if you live in North Shropshire and: 

  • You applied more than 10 weeks ago and are due to travel within the next fortnight OR there is an emergency that requires urgent travel, such as death, or serious illness of you or a family member.
  • You have already attempted to contact the Home Office and the problem has still not been resolved. 

If you do not live in North Shropshire, you must contact the MP responsible for the area where you live. You can find out who your MP is here.

How to contact Helen 

  • Email [email protected] with your name, address, date of birth and application (PEX) number. 
  • Please include details of when you applied for the passport, evidence of why the case is urgent and travel dates if already booked. 

Official guidance & information

Official guidance and information on applying for a passport can be found here.




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