Helen praises ‘real innovation’ on visit to Harper Adams

3 Feb 2024
Helen at Harper Adams University

Helen Morgan has visited Harper Adams University to discuss innovative research into sustainability, new techniques for flood prevention, and support for young people in agriculture.

Harper Adams have been undertaking research into equipment which could recover phosphorus from cattle slurry, a scheme which could have a serious positive impact on the environmental sustainability of farmland. This innovative work has been praised by the MP, who is keen to offer her support for the agriculture industry in meeting future environmental commitments.

Whilst on the visit, Helen also discussed the University’s work developing new techniques for flood prevention – a topic highly relevant to North Shropshire, with many areas like Melverley hit by high water every year.

Helen Morgan, MP for North Shropshire, said, “Harper Adams work hard to maintain their well-deserved reputation as real innovators. Their recent research on removing phosphorus from cattle slurry, new flood prevention techniques, and on getting young people into agriculture is important for the whole farming industry.

“It was good to have a chance to listen to experts in the field who know what the industry needs to become more sustainable, both in terms of our environment and for succession planning.

“British farmers have been left to fight against increasingly difficult conditions without the support they need. We need to be supporting our farmers and the wider industry, and I am committed to doing just that.”

Ken Sloan, Vice-Chancellor of Harper Adams University, said, “I was delighted to welcome Helen to campus once again.

“Her genuine and informed interest in our specialist areas of science and technology, and how they might be of benefit to her constituents, is most welcome. This, alongside her interest in opportunities and support for young people leads to lively and engaging discussions.

“We are grateful to her for taking the time to visit us.”