Helen celebrates Shropshire tourism on visit to stunning cabins at Wykey

26 Mar 2024
Helen with the team at Wykey

Helen Morgan said her constituency is helping to put Shropshire “firmly on the tourist map” during a visit to an award-winning site in the county.

The North Shropshire MP visited Riverside Cabins, based on the banks of the River Perry at Wykey just outside Ruyton-XI-Towns, to hear from the owners and Visit Shropshire representatives about the growth in tourism across the county.

The team at Riverside Cabins were recently recognised in the West Midlands Tourism Awards for the third time, winning Best Sustainable, Ethical & Responsible Business, followed up by winning Green Tourism’s Silver Award.

The MP praised the work done by Riverside Cabins to bring people into the county and boost the local economy, also offering her support for work done by Visit Shropshire to promote her constituency as a destination for visitors across the UK and beyond.

Helen Morgan, MP for North Shropshire, said, "North Shropshire is a wonderful place to visit and has a growing tourist economy, especially with so many more people now keen to holiday closer to home in the UK.

“It was fascinating to hear from Visit Shropshire about the growth in the industry and how North Shropshire is helping to put the country firmly on the tourist map. There is a lot of scope for further growth, which will continue to create the good jobs people need to live and work in a rural part of the country like ours.

“The stunning site at Riverside Cabins attracts people from across the country to spend time and money in our local pubs, restaurants and shops.

“The team there have worked extremely hard to create a site we can be proud to have here in North Shropshire, and they deserve a lot of praise for their work.”