Helen Morgan MP, North Shropshire Liberal Democrats

Helen Morgan MP joins call for a rural cost of living rescue package including heating oil price cap

29th April 2022

Helen Morgan MP, has joined her colleagues in demanding a rural cost of living rescue package, including a cap on heating oil prices to help struggling families off the gas grid.

This follows on from Ms Morgan tabling an Early Day Motion last month, which calls for the regulation and support for off-grid households.

Ms Morgan warned that the Conservatives are leaving rural communities “out in the cold” by refusing to help with soaring bills.

Across Shropshire 15% of homes rely on heating oil to keep warm, meaning they aren’t protected by the current energy price cap and are vulnerable to soaring prices.

Prices of heating oil have more than doubled to around 95p a litre, compared to 45p in August 2021. It means the cost of heating oil for the average household is expected to soar by between £700 to £1,700 this year.

The Conservative government has refused to cap prices for heating oil, leaving families vulnerable to soaring prices. In response to a recent parliamentary question, a Conservative minister said: “A price cap is not necessary as consumers can shop around and switch suppliers more easily than for gas and electricity.”

The Liberal Democrat rural cost of living rescue package would include a cap on heating oil costs to support homes off the gas grid.

Under the proposals put forward by Ms Morgan and her party, the government would step in to cover the cost if oil goes above the set price, protecting families from soaring prices and preventing small business suppliers from going bust.

Helen Morgan, Liberal Democrat MP for North Shropshire, said:

“This Conservative government is leaving rural communities like ours out in the cold by stubbornly refusing to help people facing heating bills.

"It simply beggars belief that residents are being plunged into fuel poverty but instead of helping, the Conservatives are raising unfair taxes again and again.

“The Liberal Democrats have an ambitious plan, and we are demanding a rescue package for rural areas, through a cap on heating oil prices and an emergency tax cut to save struggling families six hundred pounds.

“It’s time that Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak took action and got to grips with the cost of living crisis and stopped burying their heads in the sand.”



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