Helen Morgan MP, North Shropshire Liberal Democrats

Helen Morgan MP comments on Boris Johnson's resignation

7th July 2022

North Shropshire MP Helen Morgan said, “Boris Johnson was never fit to lead our country and he needs to go as soon as possible.

“People in North Shropshire made it clear they were sick and tired of the Conservative government’s incompetence when they elected me seven months ago and yet the scandals and lies have only continued.

“The Conservative MPs and Ministers who have only just realised the truth about Boris Johnson should be ashamed of propping up a law-breaking and lying Prime Minister for so long.

“Their attempt to suggest they have withdrawn support out of principle is laughable. Their lack of action on ambulance and A&E delays and the spiralling cost of living shows the only principle they understand is self-preservation.

“While the Conservatives remain in the power these problems will not be solved. Boris Johnson must go now so that temporary stability can allow the Government to function but after that it is only the Lib Dems who can deliver the change people deserve.”





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